My name is Angela, and I am a Business Development Consultant and Designer. I specialize in helping businesses to meet their full potential through technology, cloud-based resources, brand positioning, digital marketing and goal-oriented website design. My clients range from large to small, and I am selective in partnering with organizations that share my passion and outlook.

Current Location:
Philadelphia, PA (Northern Liberties)

11 Things About Me

  1. I grew up amongst four generations of entrepreneurs. It started with my great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, myself, and my brother.  From childhood, I have understood that businesses are about the people and their drive to follow their passions. Business owners take risks and go all in against all odds. They are my heroes.
  2. I have a dog named Lola Balboa. She is the 8th Shar Pei that we’ve had in my immediate family.  Yes, she has an Instagram account.
  3. I have lived and worked in 4 states including Michigan, California (Santa Monica), New Jersey (Hoboken) and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).
  4. I work on a MacBook Pro, and my favorite website building platform is WordPress for a variety of reasons that I’ll share with anyone who asks. I get this question often.
  5. I have been illustrating custom Christmas cards for nearly a decade to send to my growing list. Each card features a symbol of personal inspiration tied to the place where I spent that year. Past cards have featured the Rocky Statue, LOVE sign, Liberty Bell, Empire State Building, and the Model-T.
  6. I drink my coffee black… always. I joke that if I owned a coffee shop someday, it would be called, No Room. I’m humored by how many times I get the question, and they still leave room in my cup. “No really, I want to taste the coffee.”
  7. My favorite podcast is The Tim Ferriss Show. TF, if you ever stumble upon this list, thank you for the insightful interviews with so many amazing people. It inspires so much great thought. Your show really makes my world go around.
  8. The app that I wouldn’t want to live without is Spotify.
  9. I travel often. My favorite vacation was a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii a couple years ago. We hiked through lava fields, rain forests, a black sand beach and the Kilauea volcano. It feels like a different planet down there. On the topic of travel, my favorite place for inspiration currently is New Orlean’s Frenchmen Street. There’s an energy like no other, and the raw jazz awakens my senses.
  10. I love books on business, tech and strategy… Blue Ocean Strategy, Rework, Art of the Start, The Inevitable, and anything Malcolm Gladwell publishes. However, I am also a Warhol fanatic, and one of my not-so-obvious all time favorites is The Philosophy of Andy Warhol which gives a rare glimpse into his foresight and mystique.
  11. Family is everything to me.